HSDPA Accelerated up to 4x Using Flash Networks' NettGain

Downloading mobile data over HSDPA was up to 4 times faster using Flash Networks’ NettGain system in a field test in a live network in Western Europe.

Herzelia, Israel, March 2, 2006 – Downloading mobile data over HSDPA was up to 4 times faster using Flash Networks’ NettGain system in a field test in a live network in Western Europe. Likewise, perceived bandwidth was tripled in the trials. Flash Networks is the first company to provide three-fold acceleration and bandwidth perception of HSDPA in live networks for mobile data.

“The number one concern of mobile data users is response time,” said Liam Galin, CEO of Flash Networks. “Our customers are demanding even better performance than HSDPA can give, and we are delivering. No other vendor today can match our performance in a live network.” Compared to fixed line alternatives, HSDPA does not provide the download speeds users are accustomed to in their homes. Therefore, acceleration beyond HSDPA is in demand among operators.

The trial of the NettGain Allegro was made in a live network, downloading a variety of web sites over an HSDPA bearer in Europe. On average, the sites visited were viewed 3 times faster with NettGain than without. For some sites, acceleration was almost 5 times faster. Perceived bandwidth was on average 2.5 times greater, with a maximum increased bandwidth perception of almost 4-fold.

“HSDPA indeed provides a high bandwidth, but really what that means is that any delay is even more painful for operators and users alike. The key is ensuring optimal utilization of the bandwidth," said Zeev Becker, Flash Networks’ Vice President of Research and Development. "The last thing operators want is to place huge investments in the radio network, only to find they can’t leverage the bandwidth because of latency and other issues. That’s where the NettGain system comes in, extracting the full HSDPA potential.”

With live systems in dozens of operator facilities worldwide, Flash Networks has used its technological know-how to provide a much smoother user experience even over HSDPA networks. “This is a great start for our HSDPA support technology,” said Galin. “We are expecting further improvements over the course of the year, allowing operators to provide true competition to fixed-line, Wi-Fi and WiMax access. There’s no such thing as ‘too fast’ when it comes to broadband access, but for starters, mobile operators need to get close to the performance of those fixed line alternatives.”

NettGain Allegro provides improved user experience and optimization for PC data cards enabling laptop users to connect to the Internet through the cellular network, handheld computers, PDAs and other mobile-enabled devices.

NettGain Allegro features
“Wireline-like” web browsing experience over cellular networks (Up to 7x improvement)
Faster viewing of e-mail and other network services
Multiple-bearer support: GPRS, CDMA 1x, EDGE, EV-DO, UTMS/WCDMA, HSDPA
Elimination of application disconnects
Device repository for support of a wide range of devices
Intelligent flow management

About Flash Networks
Flash Networks is an expert in Quality of Experience for mobile data, providing solutions that answer the needs of operators who want to provide mobile data as a key part of their strategy. Flash Networks works together with its customer base to create solutions that leverage existing infrastructure to provide optimal use of the network and services.

Flash's NettGain™ platforms are commercially deployed in over 40 top-tier wireless carriers worldwide, helping providers deliver the best possible user experience. The privately-held company was established in 1996.

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