TCP acceleration


TCP Optimization makes data in the network travel faster, as it increases the effective throughput by creating higher utilization of the network infrastructure.

Mobile operators that are ready and preparing to invest in deploying more base stations or more carrier frequencies to provide better subscriber QoE, can save significantly by using TCP Optimization acceleration.

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TCP Acceleration TCP optimization TCP TCP optimizer TCP acceerator tcp

TCP Accelerator accelerates the mobile Internet experience by optimizing TCP and bandwidth utilization. 

TCP optimization or TCP Acceleration enables a network operator to isolate their own part of a TCP connection and optimize it for their own particular network conditions.


Deliver the ultimate mobile experience to subscribers.

With TCP Optimization by Flash Networks, the subscribers enjoy an improved QoE since the actual average throughput is typically increased by 10% and more. TCP Optimization results in a robust and dynamic connection that reaches the top speed very quickly, significantly reducing the time it takes to download a specific object. Normal TCP connections cannot reach their top speed due to their short existence. TCP Optimization adjusts the transmission rate according to real-time bandwidth measurements such as SRTT and packet loss ratio.

tcp TCP Acceleration TCP optimization TCP TCP optimizer TCP acceerator

Great experience

Keep subscribers happy and differentiate your brand with a fast mobile network.

Increased network capacity

Boost user throughput by 10 to 30 % with TCP, web, and video optimization.

Reduced costs

Defer infrastructure expansion costs by optimizing existing resources.

TCP Acceleration TCP optimization TCP TCP optimizer TCP acceerator

Ensure optimal network performance.

Ensure your network scores top marks and provides unbeatable speed, consistency, and experience with the following Flash Networks features:

TCP acceleration

Enhance the user experience and get the most out of your mobile network with improved resource utilization and faster data transmissions.

TCP congestion control

Gain up to 10 % network capacity, handling even more traffic with better throughput, congestion avoidance, and faster retransmission.

Slow start boost

Constantly measures RTT (round-trip time), bandwidth estimation, and historical data, and then dynamically increases or decreases send rate factor to determine the best time to move to the congestion avoidance phase.

Packet loss mitigation

Dramatically improve speed and network utilization during packet loss by changing the rate for packet loss mitigation.

Buffer bloat protection

Avoid losses caused by radio buffering with Flash Networks` innovative TCP stack which provides ongoing RTT measurement to protect the buffer management of the transmission rate.

TCP acceleration

Use Case

Improvement for 24 hours

4 days difference

The graph below shows a performance of a deployment test. TCP Acceleration, in 24 hours, improved the speed and maximized bandwidth. 


TCP Acceleration hQ

When ON, TCP Acceleration provides faster speed for every user. When OFF, a much lower speed is observed for all users. 

By detecting and analyzing the network condition, per user, TCP Acceleration calculates the nest sends rate for the network bandwidth available. It detects the subscriber`s network congestion experience autonomously and measures its impact in real-time.

The Machine Learning algorithms adapt the send rate to maximize the speed for every unique condition. These techniques are effective for 3G, 4G, and  5G.


On the graph are the results of Harmony TCP acceleration from a mobile operator in the EMEA region. As visible from the graph TCP optimization improved 4G Throughput by 19%. Throughput is 6.2Mbps with TCP acceleration vs 5.23 Mbps without TCP acceleration. 



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