Domestic Roaming Cost Reduction

Subscribers always want more content, but it's that very demand that congests networks and cells, negatively affecting the subscriber experience. Operators also face the challenge of data and device numbers explosion while average revenue per user (ARPU) remains stagnant. Take control of your business and network data with Flash Networks.

Domestic roaming

Optimization to proactively manage the network Cost

During periods of large traffic flows, like video and social media feeds, radio resources can be saturated for a short period and degrade all users’ quality of experience. At those events, the scheduler's key matrix is affected such as user throughput and scheduler latency. This leads to higher cost to MNOs.

Save up to 20% on operating expenses

Reduce subscribers` data consumption and prevent high bills. The real-time data-capturing capabilities of our Harmony Solution have consistently shown excellent results, delivering an average data savings of more than 20% under various network conditions.

Quick ROI

This solution has a fast return on investment, and the deployment process is quick, allowing cost savings to begin as soon as 3 months after deployment.


Take control of your network quality without additional OPEX

As an MVNO it is a fine balance act between providing the best experience possible to your subscribers while keeping
OPEX under control to stay profitable. In a business model where the MVNOs buy network capacity from MNOs to
deliver services to their users, OPEX is highly dependent on the increase of data volume demand. In such a tight profit
margins space, it is a further dilemma to decide where and how to invest in technology that will provide savings increase
bottom line numbers, and provide value-added services differentiating your company from the competition.

Adaptive Bitrate Management

Optimize the use of network bandwidth by adjusting the resolution level and video quality of streams and streaming videos in smaller blocks.


Use Case

Domestic Roaming Savings Calculator

Domestic roaming savings

Flash Networks Business Model for MVNOs is a simple and unique one that is based on a yearly term SW license
consisting of 2 main components:
• Minimum Annual Term License (inclusive of Annual Maintenance)
• Small Revenue share on savings that are more than 10% Annual Saving


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