5G Application and Traffic Management

The promise of 5G is huge – enabling connectivity to billions of devices and driving the Internet of Things (IoT) and new content types – however, demands on these networks are also significant and it’s vital to be prepared.

To take full advantage of the power of 5G, efficient assignment of traffic type to the 5QI level is required.


Maximize 5G network utilization while
enhancing service quality.

Flash Networks can help you assign traffic to a specific 5G slice or QoS (Quality of Service) Flow-based on network conditions – Thus you match the performance requirements of an application to the appropriate network conditions.

With Flash Network’s optimization solution, you can utilize and optimize your spectral efficiency to maintain customer  SLAs (service level agreements) and enhance QoE (Quality of Experience) without overloading or overprovisioning costly 5G resources. Our reliable solution gives you control over the network load, utilization, data services, applications, security, and more.

Efficient resource allocation

Reduce data usage / PRB (physical resource block) utilization by 20 to 30 % without impacting QoE.

Improved QoE

Proactively protect subscriber experience with Just-In-Time congestion detection and alleviation.

Reduced traffic / cell / network congestion

Match the performance requirements of an application to the appropriate network conditions by assigning traffic to a specific 5G slice or QoS Flow based on network parameters.

SLA maintenance

Guarantee minimum dedicated bandwidth by using ML (machine learning) to leverage information provided by Flash Networks to improve short- and long-term resource allocation.

CAPEX / OPEX savings

Apply ABM (Adaptive Bitrate Management) without the need for an additional processing platform to reduce the video traffic load with our Control Plane optimization solution.

Increased number of supported devices

Offer reliable service to more devices by enhancing resource allocation and controlling congestion.

5G utilization
5G utilization
5G utilization

Ensure your network delivers unbeatable speed, consistency, and experience.

Ensure your network scores top marks and provides unbeatable speed, consistency, and experience with the following Flash Networks features:

Traffic identification and flow classification

Optimize your network resource allocation per service or application by using our solution for accurate identification, classification, verification, and anomaly detection.

Adaptive QoS (Quality of Service) assignment

Improve resource allocation efficiency, maintain customer SLA in cell-congested conditions, and increase the number of supported active UEs (user equipment) by identifying application types and assigning them the appropriate QoS level according to real-time conditions.

Traffic load optimization

Adaptively decrease congestion, while increasing your number of active users with our highly scalable optimization solution which can apply ABM on video, cloud gaming, and other traffic to reduce its load over the radio.

Traffic optimization per slice policy

Optimize your network and cell utilization resources while maintaining SLAs and QoE with our solution allowing you to apply adaptive QoS assignment and traffic load optimization according to the specific slice policy and real-time network conditions.

Prediction of slice behavior / requirements

Guarantee minimum dedicated bandwidth by using ML to improve short- and long-term resource allocation supported by information provided by Flash Networks.

5G utilization

Use Cases

Cloud Gaming

Drone remote control

5G Utilization

Cloud Gaming comes with high bitrates. The high bitrates are caused by high frame rates, high resolutions, and high dynamic range.  When the cloud gaming traffic fills the cell capacity, other traffic is delayed, slowed down, or can’t be delivered. Downloads, background traffic, or video chunk delivery of other users in the same cell can takes away resources from cloud gaming services. The latency between the subscriber device and game server as well as the game server to subscriber device adds up to become the subscriber’s reaction time. Flash Networks Cloud Gaming solutions manage traffic, prevent congestion, and decrease latency for a better gaming experience.


The solution can track to which cell the drone is going. It can solve interruptions, ensure camera streams are not detreated, handle fast movements, and handle failing guaranteed bitrate allocations. Monitor cell congestion. When necessary, resources can be freed up. Background traffic throughput and video throughput can be reduced, and delays can be small by avoiding buffer bloat.

5G Utilization


I believe Flash Networks can help me realize the promise of 5G.