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Provide a fair share of the available bandwidth

Adaptive bitrate management is a solution for mobile operators that want to improve video streaming over the networks, as it dynamically adjusts video quality based on network conditions. 

Flash Networks ABM solution is controlling the video bitrate in more efficient way that improves overall network quality. ABM by Flash Networks is not just throttling. It uses a new heuristic analysis of the encrypted data that determines with high probability that it is a video and how to manage its streaming rate to provide a fair share of the available bandwidth to all current cell users with connection-based network rate management. 

What are the benefits of adaptive bitrate streaming?

What is adaptive bitrate streaming?

adaptive bitrate streaming to reduce the bandwidth

What is Adaptive Bitrate Streaming? Adaptive streaming overview

How does adaptive bitrate streaming work?



If users choose a fixed resolution for a video that is higher than the ABM limitation, they will likely suffer from stalls when ABM is applied. For example, ABM limits the resolution to 2 Mbps, providing a good QoE for videos up to 720p resolution.

If the user chooses to watch the video in 1080p ABM by Flash Networks detects the user's choice and can either disable ABM and let the user see the video in the resolution he chooses, or keep ABM, preventing users from bypassing optimization, and maintain data reduction KPIs.


What are the benefits of adaptive bitrate streaming?


Prevent congestion with intelligent traffic shaping

ABM by Flash Networks performs intelligent traffic shaping, lowering the video stream’s bit rate, maintaining viewing integrity, and providing additional bandwidth to other subscribers. 

How Adaptive Bitrate Streaming Works?

Application according to the operator's policy

ABM can be applied either Congestion-based, Per user profile, per Cloud gaming policy, During busy hours or Always. This is operators` decision.

Different ABM plans

The operator can allow specific users who purchase the plan to view videos at 8K resolution and limit other users to 2K maximum video resolution. ABM by Flash Networks allows operators to apply different ABM schemes based on domain, user, and rate plans.

Implementation to several frameworks

The most common networks are supported by Flash Networks ABM solution in an individual manner - YouTube-DASH framework, Apple HTTP Live Streaming, Microsoft Smooth Streaming, HTTP & HTTPS.

Maintain a great user experience

Keep subscribers happy and differentiate your brand with a fast mobile network. ABM solution by Flash Networks ensures that subscribers enjoy smooth playback regardless of their device, location, or Internet speed.


Use Cases

ABM video resolution management

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Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

Adaptive Bitrate

Adaptive Bitrate Management



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