MVNO Solutions: Pay less to MNOs for data usage and generate revenue with special plans. 

Monetize all offerings and reduce churn by expanding your product offering.

MVNOs utilize Flash Networks' MVNO solutions to quickly and economically save costs, monetize mobile internet traffic and offer Cyber Security Services.

  • Save up to 20% of operational expenses

  • Reach your financial goals

  • Generate new revenue streams

  • Take advantage of additional MVNO services 

Take control of your business with Flash Networks` MVNO solutions.

mvno solutions

Simple OPEX saving solution based on an annual term


mvno solutionsAll-inclusive solution in a monthly fee

mvno solutionsMaintenance included

mvno solutionsEasy deal

mvno solutionsSuper-fast ROI and saving KPIs measurement


OPEX saving while delivering the ultimate mobile data experience.

Flash Networks` MVNO solution offers unparalleled multiple services into user experience, data savings an cost reduction

mvno solutions

Data cost optimization

Reduce the monthly OPEX significantly with a video data optimization solution.

Data saving

Enable subscribers to binge on video content without draining their data plan.

Deliver ultimate experience

Ensure customers’ “data budget” lasts the entire month, reducing surprises and disappointment.


Optimize video traffic with the best-in-class MVNO solution

 Achieve cost savings with the following features:

Adaptive Bitrate Management

The network and data are monitored in real-time to enable proactive optimization for Over-the-Top vendor traffic, adjusting the streaming rate based on the bandwidth available. This ensures that network overload is eliminated.


Additional MVNO services that allow MVNOs to create customized plans for subscribers


mvno solutionsConsumer Cyber Security 

mvno solutionsEnhanced web services

mvno solutionsSuper-fast ROI 


Our clientless mobile threat detection and prevention MVNO solution integrates seamlessly into your network policy and is designed specifically to meet your needs and those of your customers.

By identifying more threats and protecting individual subscribers, families, business subscribers, and IoT devices from the ever-mounting security threats targeting mobile and IoT devices, we can help you maintain a great user experience while preventing malicious traffic from reaching your customers' mobile devices. Choose Flash Networks MVNO solutions.

  • Protect devices from accessing malicious or susceptions destinations

  • Prevent infection of IoT devices and isolate infected devices

  • Block malicious flows

  • Prevent infections

mvno solutions

Offer additional monthly plans to subscribers for an extra charge with the following features:

Anti-x and reputation protection

Offers wide-ranging protection including Anti-malware, Virus, Phishing, Botnet, and Command and Control.

Encrypted traffic (HTTPS) support

Blocks illegal domain requests with Domain resolution and IP-address-based reputation filtering.

Self Care and Engagement

Customized Control policies per Enterprise/Family and employees' segments. Protection and Attacks History logging and viewing.

Policy-based enforcement

Enables enforcement with APN (access point name) and/or MSISDN list-based policies, as well as PCRF (policy and charging rules function)-based policy decisions for opt-in subscribers/services.


Unlimited ("binge") video

Enable subscribers to binge on video content without draining their data plan by reducing video traffic to SD.

Upsell opportunities

Offer HD video as an upsell to subscribers who want it.

Data saver plans

Ensure customers’ “data budget” lasts the entire month, reducing surprises and disappointment.

URL Filtering

URL filtering allows limiting access by comparing web traffic against a database to prevent users from accessing harmful sites such as restricted content pages. So, you can comply with regulatory government requirements. For example, IWF/NMEC or government lists to allow/deny browsing to illegal sites.

HTTP/S header Enrichment (Single Sign-On)

Single Sign-On enables subscribers to securely authenticate with multiple applications and websites by using just one easily remembered set of credentials. So, you have Network-based authentication rather than weak and annoying subscriber authentication, and subscribers run within the recommended secured environments.

Explicit Proxy

Explicit proxy functionality provides compressed content and has a specific feature that establishes an SSL tunneling obscuring the SNIs/URLs end to end between client and servers.


Push Proxy Gateway technology enables pushing content to a wireless device without prior request from the mobile subscriber. Subscribers get notified of new content and new services without the need to explore the Internet.

Customer Experience Insight

The Flash Networks solutions offer detailed and accurate subscriber QoE reporting to visualize subscriber experience, Video MOS in an encrypted world. Proactively spot your network bottlenecks, as well as understand traffic and service quality trends.

Tethering control

The tethering control feature enables the classification of subscribers' data traffic originating from different types of devices tethered to a mobile device and a single purchased mobile data plan. While leveraging It provides effective reporting capabilities that enable operators to take business decisions on how to manage such usage. In some cases, operators offer would like to limit free-of-charge data plans for selected services like WhatsApp, where the volume provided to the subscribers is normally much more than the normal use of a single subscriber.


Use Cases


MVNO Saving Calculator

Capturing the data saving of the Harmony Solution in real-time shows excellent results during every network condition with average data savings of more than 20%.



MVNO Saving Calculator




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