Roaming Cost Control

  • Reduces OPEX spending by 20%
  • Reduces data usage by 20%
  • Has a very short ROI

If you are a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) or Mobile Network Operator (MNO), having to pay National or International high Roaming costs, we have a solution for you.

The Roaming solution's main value decreases the roaming load using a video optimization technique, without impacting QoE.

The Roaming solutions have a very short Return On Investment time. The process from deployment to activation is quick and Cost Savings can start even after 3 months from deployment.

roaming optimization for mobile operators

Reduce your Roaming Cost with new, revenue-generating roaming plans.

Flash Networks can help you optimize, filter, or even block roaming traffic, with adjustments to meet your business needs.

Data reductions of approximately 20% let you reduce cost, and increase subscriber experience while giving you the opportunity to offer new, revenue-generating roaming plans.

Enjoy significant cost savings

Reduce roaming data volume by up to 20 % – significantly lowering costs.

Build customer satisfaction

Protect subscribers from excessive roaming data rates and bill shock.

Increase revenue

Create the opportunity to upsell enhanced roaming services (e.g., video/audio streaming).


Pass on high roaming costs while attracting and keeping subscribers.

Limit the impact of HD traffic on your roaming resources, while increasing sales and ARPU (average revenue per user) with the following Flash Networks` features:

Adaptive bitrate management (ABM):

Recognize roaming traffic and reduce data rates and volume.


Use Case

Roaming Optimization

Anything from social media to high-speed video will affect Roaming services. With Flash Networks Optimization solution mobile operators can manage costs by optimizing, controlling, or blocking roaming and virtual traffic volume. Key benefits of the solution are reducing data volume and protecting operators and subscribers from excessive data and costly roaming services. Capturing the data saving of the Harmony Solution in real-time shows excellent results during every network condition with average data savings of more than 20%.



I want to adopt a win-win roaming solution for my business and subscribers.