Mediaspire - Rich Media Adaptation and Enhancement 

The software that provides mobile operators with a comprehensive, scalable, and highly flexible solution for multimedia adaptation. 

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Why Mobile Operators Need Mediaspire

Mobile video ads can be shown on mobile web browsers or mobile apps. They are more engaging than other ads and help mobile publishers monetize content. 

Flash Networks MediaSpire supports transcoding between video formats and codecs, video to slideshow, video to image, audio and video files to streamable files –files that can be streamed later by a third-party Streaming Server. This conversion enables content providers and mobile operators to optimize the user experience by adapting their content to the capabilities of specific mobile devices before streaming the content. 

When compressing a video or audio file, the size of each frame varies according to the different information in each frame. One solution is to keep the number of bits constant for each frame, but this degrades the output quality. Therefore, Flash Networks  MediaSpire maintains a constant bit rate for every predefined number of seconds, which produces a better-quality compressed file.

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Rich Media adaptation software - Flash Networks
Rich Media adaptation software - Flash Networks

How does it work

  • MediaSpire caches transcoded media so that new requests for the same media with the same target characteristics do not require additional transcoding. This feature enhances system performance and is especially important for applications that either push content to a large number of users or create content that is to be accessed by a large number of users. 

  • Media caching enables smart forwarding, which means using the original media without additional transcoding so that the quality of the media is maintained.



Rich media adaptation software
Media Spire t
Media Spire t

Mediaspire Benefits

  • Real-time policy-based multimedia format conversion to the constraints of any device
  • High Availability
  • Monitoring and Statistics
  • Configuration and management UI
  • Cinder volume supports seamless backup configuration file
  • Automatic backup and reinstall of configuration files after upgrade
  • Support Remote log server



Media Spire t
Media Spire t

Why Flash Networks

For 29 years, Flash Networks has been a global leader in mobile network solutions, empowering telecom companies worldwide to transform their networks while minimizing costs. Our flagship Harmony platform seamlessly optimizes and monetizes data,  delivering lightning-fast speeds, reduced latency, and improved connectivity. In addition to transforming networks and minimizing costs, we also offer a zero-touch Cyber Security Solution. This solution helps mobile operators protect their subscribers from malware, phishing, and similar threats while generating an additional revenue stream. Explore the wide array of offerings from Flash Networks



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