Data Management solution increases the service quality and decreases the loaded cells' PRB utilization

When the network gets to a Highly Loaded Cell condition, Flash Networks uses a network traffic management solution, called Data Management, to significantly improve the users' quality of service. Meanwhile, it reduces the PRB load on highly loaded cells.

Network traffic management is the process of managing, controlling or reducing the network traffic, particularly bandwidth. It reduces congestion of loaded cells, latency and packet loss. Choose Flash Networks for network traffic management

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Network traffic management network traffic control Real-Time Network Traffic Management bandwidth monitoring, reduce latency? Definition and How To Monitor It

What is Network Traffic Management?



 Proactively manage Network Costs with Optimization

This is a unique solution that performs optimization that doesn`t reduce the video quality. It improves average user throughput and reduces PRB utilization. We are reducing the need for new cell installation for a fraction of the price. 

Providing a service that differentiates your company from the competition would be a great way to reduce the need for new cell installations. It is possible.

Network Traffic Management

What is network traffic management and how to control it

Efficient resource allocation

Reduction of data usage and Physical Resource Block (PRB) utilization by 20-30%, without compromising the Quality of Experience (QoE).

Minimize Unnecessary Network Expenditure

Optimize existing infrastructure usage, deferring new investments by maximizing traffic capacity in the current network.

Rapid Return on Investment (ROI)

Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) typically have 5-10% of existing cells in expansion planning. Busy hour average user throughput is the primary indicator for MNOs to consider installing a new cell. Flash Networks can save tens of millions of dollars in OPEX and CAPEX by preventing these upgrades.

Radio Spectral Efficiency from the Data Core

Harmony, Flash Networks' integrated platform, employs software intelligence at the network core to mitigate the impact of video and other high-traffic flows on the RAN, reducing the need for RAN expansion. Data Management solutions accommodate growing bandwidth and speed requirements, preventing network densification.

Control Network quality without Additional CAPEX

For mobile operators, the user experience they provide is crucial since most users won’t deal with poor video quality. That’s why it is crucial for operators to keep their users' experience in mind when putting together a solution for video streaming without lowering the Video quality. Flash Networks Data Management is a unique solution. It does not control the foreground section of a video which results in improving video quality.

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Reduce RAN costs

The fine balance between providing the best experience possible to mobile subscribers while keeping OPEX under control to stay profitable is achievable with a Data Management solution. Flash Networks` Data Management reduces the need for installation of new cells for a fraction of the price. Meanwhile, the video quality for users is improved. 

Improve QoE

Traditional Radio optimization vendors limit max video resolution by limiting the max throughput of the video session. This results in a lower load on the cell but also a loss of revenue and reduced QoE. This Video Optimization technology is not suitable for today's subscribers' expectations and network managers.The new era of optimization with Data management allows better QoE for all users without performing video optimization!



Network Traffic Management
Network Traffic Management



Use Case

Heavy traffic

Very heavy traffic

Data Management improves network throughput, but it also effectively reduces PRB load on heavily burdened cells.

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Optimization of a specific cell load is at healthy levels. The same difference is with the number of active users. In a customer use case without Optimization in the same load in rush hour, active users are between 2 and 8. With Optimization, active users are between 13 and 17 in rush hour. You can squeeze more traffic out of the existing network infrastructure and optimize the performance of cell towers, based on subscribers` usage. With Flash Networks.

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Discover how Flash Networks can help you control data usage without incurring additional CAPEX.