Flash Networks Joins CacheFlow's Adaptive Content Exchange Alliance

Flash Networks today announced that it will join the ACE Partner Alliance of CacheFlow, the leading provider of content-intelligent networking solutions.

HOLMDEL, N.J. (March 27, 2001) – Flash Networks, Inc. today announced that it will join the Adaptive Content Exchange (ACE) Partner Alliance of CacheFlow Inc., the leading provider of content-intelligent networking solutions. Flash Networks and CacheFlow together will provide enhanced satellite link and HTTP optimization and caching capabilities, delivering to the end user a fully optimized end-to-end connection.

"Flash Networks is joining the ACE Partner Solutions program to extend its ability to provide a true broadband experience in satellite communications," said P.K. Prasanna, president of Flash Networks, Inc. and chief operating officer. "By virtually eliminating the negative impact of satellite latency while simultaneously optimizing the content that is being transmitted over the satellite link, Flash Networks and CacheFlow are able to offer customers a significant improvement over a typical satellite connection."

Flash Networks’ NettGain technologies increase data transmission speeds and maximize bandwidth utilization of TCP/IP applications from the hub to the user over a satellite network. Flash Networks’ BST (Boosted Session Transport) protocol is a TCP-like protocol that eliminates limitations in TCP such as congestion avoidance, slow start and the “three-way handshake” that make TCP a liability in high-delay networking environments.

CacheFlow’s cIQ architecture dramatically improves the management, speed and efficiency of digital content delivery. Due to existing inherent latency over satellite networks, HTTP performance is severely affected. CacheFlow improves download times from the Internet to the hub through the use of caching and pipelining. CacheFlow's unique content-smart networking solutions deliver the right content to the right place at the right time, enabling enterprises, service providers and e-businesses to increase revenues and reduce costs, while delivering the ultimate end-user experience.

“CacheFlow developed the ACE Partner Solutions program to cultivate strategic relationships with companies who can further enhance what we offer our customers,” said Patrick Harr, vice president of marketing at CacheFlow. “By partnering with Flash Networks, CacheFlow is able to further its goal of providing those customers with integral components of complete content-smart networking solutions.”

About Flash Networks
Flash Networks develops and markets products to accelerate TCP/IP applications over wireless and satellite networks, enabling dramatic improvements in network capacity and performance. The NettGain product portfolio supports a wide range of architectures, client devices and wireless infrastructures. Its unique technologies, including protocol acceleration, compression and application-specific enhancements, provide a competitive advantage to implementers of wireless and satellite solutions.

Founded in 1996, the company has customers in North America, Europe and Asia and maintains offices in Herzelia, Israel and Holmdel, N.J., USA. Additional offices are being established in Europe and East Asia. For more information, visit www.flashnetworks.com or call 1-800-526-4060.

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