Flash Networks Announces NettGain 1400 WLAN Product

Flash Networks today announced the release of its NettGain 1400 WLAN solution for wireless carriers. NettGain 1400 is a complete OSS for Wi-Fi deployments.

Herzelia, Israel, and Amsterdam, The Netherlands, July 28, 2004. Flash Networks, today announced the release of its NettGain 1400 WLAN solution for wireless carriers. NettGain 1400 is a complete operator support system (OSS) for Wi-Fi deployments, which integrates with existing network infrastructure, enabling carriers to achieve both financial savings and increased revenue.

Helping wireless operators to bring innovative services and applications to market quickly is crucial for increasing network traffic. With NettGain 1400, carriers are able to target their customer base with a range of services, including roaming and flexible charging schemes, that increase subscriber usage of WiFi and offer a single point of contact for customer billing and customer support. NettGain 1400 enables significant improvement of WLAN user experience by facilitating service accessibility and improving usability, resulting in increased network traffic and revenues for carriers.

Integrating Wi-Fi with existing networks can involve a heavy burden on wireless operators’ budgets, resulting in reduced profitability. NettGain 1400 is able to minimise this investment requirement, allowing carriers to gain financial and technological advantage from WiFi deployments. NettGain’s architecture makes it possible to transparently integrate any type of hotspot and requires no hotspot modification. The solution supports all major networks including the GSM and CDMA family of technologies, and allows easy integration with all vendors systems. NettGain 1400 also provides security features like privacy, anonymity, data integrity and mutual authentication.

In addition to making Wi-Fi services more accessible for users, Flash Networks’ NettGain 1400 comprehensively addresses operator needs by incorporating a single platform for tasks such as billing, authentication, authorisation, accounting and subscriber database management, significantly reducing Opex. Carriers are also able to use the solution to reduce Capex, by avoiding the purchase of additional equipment and software for provisioning, management, reporting and statistics.

“NettGain 1400 offers operators a major advantage by enabling the delivery of a single, simple service to their subscriber base, which enables customer retention, drives up revenue and helps carriers gain leadership in the WLAN space. By providing a single point of contact for billing and customer care, NettGain 1400 enables operators to create wide ranging roaming agreements that are critical for WLAN up-take" said Yair Shapira, Flash Networks CTO and VP Business Development.

Zvi Peled, CEO of Flash Networks added “For the cellular carrier wishing to launch WLAN services, NettGain 1400 will reduce time to market by interoperating with any existing equipment and enabling fast adoption of the service by enriching user experience. Flash Networks is committed to providing pioneering technology to accelerate adoption of mobile data services by offering the best user experience, over the broadest network coverage, while minimising operator cost."

About Flash Networks
Founded in 1996, Flash Networks accelerates the adoption of mobile data networks by improving user experience through the provision of wireless data optimisation and WLAN OSS solutions. The company’s NettGain products are commercially operative in leading mobile carriers such as Vodafone Italy, AT&T Wireless, SFR and the T-Mobile Group, resulting in a dramatic increase in mobile data traffic. Flash Networks' experience, technological innovation, proven platform reliability and world-class customer service, position the company firmly at the top of the wireless data industry.

NettGain, the only platform demonstrating complete interoperability with packet inspection infrastructure, is endorsed and recommended by leading players in the wireless IP industry. An innovator of mobile data solutions, Flash Networks' technology is protected by over a dozen patents and the company is recognised as the pioneer of optimised protocols.

Flash Networks is headquartered in Israel, with international sales and customer support offices in Europe, North America and Asia. For more information about Flash Networks, please visit www.flashnetworks.com.

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