Flash Networks Introduces New Products for Carriers & Enterprises

Flash Networks Inc. today introduced NettGain 1100, its new flagship wireless product line.

HOLMDEL, N.J. and at the CTIA Wireless 2001 Conference, Las Vegas, Nev. (March 20, 2001) - Flash Networks Inc., a global provider of essential building blocks for profitable wireless data networks, today introduced NettGain 1100, its new flagship wireless product line. Supporting both client-server and clientless operations, NettGain 1100 is a scalable solution for wireless carriers or enterprise networks. It delivers high-quality, high-speed Internet applications over wireless data networks to a wide array of wireless devices. NettGain 1100 enables Internet applications such as Web and e-mail to perform efficiently in wireless environments.

"Users who depend on wireless services to access key corporate information resources are no longer satisfied merely to be connected to their enterprise networks – they expect the flexibility and versatility of the broadband service that is available on their desktops," said P. K. Prasanna, president of Flash Networks, Inc. and chief operating officer. "The ability of wireless carriers to offer improved application performance will be a crucial factor that determines which carriers turn wireless services into commercial success. Flash Networks’ technologies enable applications that are originally designed for wired networks to perform equally well for wireless networks."

In the competitive arena of wireless communications, NettGain 1100 empowers wireless carriers to solve the major obstacles they face – capacity constraints and disappointing user experiences due to poor performance. Standard TCP/IP has inherent limitations that are especially pronounced in high-latency, high-data-loss environments, such as wireless. Flash Networks’ patent-pending WBST (Wireless Boosted Session Transport) protocol optimizes data flow using various adoptive flow-control mechanisms. NettGain 1100 seamlessly optimizes Internet applications for the wireless user, enabling customers to experience up to a six-fold gain in network performance over typical wireless networks.

In today’s business environment, where maximum productivity is no longer just a strategic objective, NettGain 1100 is the key to extending the information resources of the enterprise network to the mobile worker. It extends the reach of critical business information to mobile users and allows wireless carriers to provide value-added data services to enterprises and individuals.

NettGain 1100’s technology is based on a platform that has been deployed in global carrier networks, serving thousands and thousands of users with as much as a gigabit of data traffic. NettGain enables immediate deployment and graceful evolution to GPRS and 3G networks. NettGain provides the reliability, accessibility and scalability expected from a carrier-grade product, unlocking the elusive promise of anywhere, anytime connectivity and overcoming the time, reliability and cost limitations of today’s wireless services.

About Flash Networks
Flash Networks develops and markets products to accelerate TCP/IP applications over wireless and satellite networks, enabling dramatic improvements in network capacity and performance. The NettGain product portfolio supports a wide range of architectures, client devices and wireless infrastructures. Its unique technologies, including protocol acceleration, compression and application-specific enhancements, provide a competitive advantage to implementers of wireless and satellite solutions.

Founded in 1996, the company has customers in North America, Europe and Asia and maintains offices in Herzelia, Israel and Holmdel, N.J., USA. Additional offices are being established in Europe and East Asia. For more information, visit www.flashnetworks.com or call 1-800-526-4060.

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