Flash Networks Acquires Adjungo Networks

The acquisition expands product offering for wireless WAN and WLAN markets. Strengthens solutions for consistent and reliable mobile services.

Acquisition Expands Product Offering for Wireless WAN and WLAN Markets
Strengthens Solutions For Consistent and Reliable Services Regardless of the Mobile Data Bearer

Herzlia, Israel – October 22, 2003 – Flash Networks (www.flashnetworks.com), a global leader of mobile data delivery solutions, announced today the acquisition of Adjungo Networks, a supplier of systems enabling cellular operators to leverage existing back-office systems in order to manage and bill Wi-Fi customers using public hot-spots. Acquisition financials were not disclosed.

Acquiring Adjungo’s assets make possible for Flash Networks to enable mobile operators to offer Wireless LAN access and unified billing to their mobile subscribers. With a combined solution that includes advanced session management capabilities, subscribers will be able to seamlessly roam between cellular and Wi-Fi networks, as well as receive Wi-Fi services through third parties. End-users will benefit from ultra high-speed mobile access to the Internet, simple, transparent and reliable services from a single service provider and unified billing.

Flash Networks is a leader in delivering solutions turning wireless data networks into wire-like, consistent, and reliable services. The company’s flagship product line, NettGain™, is a scalable, carrier grade solution offering a superior user experience for mobile data users. It addresses key issues of mobile data delivery like optimization and acceleration of data, session management, multi bearer integration and more. Customers include T-Mobile International, AT&T Wireless and operators from the Vodafone Group, to name a few.

Adjungo has been a leading supplier of secure, carrier class, Wireless LAN solutions for cellular operators. Adjungo’s solution enables cellular users to enjoy secure broadband access via Public WLAN hot spots. The solution is hot spot agnostic, supports any type of WLAN access technology and is compatible with all cellular technologies. It allows cellular operators to leverage existing network infrastructure to simplify billing, authentication, roaming, provisioning and monitoring of WLAN users.

“Acquiring Adjungo grants Flash Networks a competitive edge in our market by broadening our technological scope. We can now more fully address and solve wireless medium hurdles imposed on both carriers and users”, said Zvi Peled, Flash Networks CEO. “Flash Networks focuses on delivering solutions metamorphosing mobile data networks into a consistent and reliable service. Utilizing our solutions, carriers can provide users with seamless data service without being troubled by terrain or network issues.”

About Flash Networks
Flash Networks is the leading provider of Mobile Data Delivery Platforms to mobile carriers and enterprises, enabling them to turn mobile data networks into usable and friendly services. With close to 30 top-tier carrier customers, Flash Networks’ NettGain™ product line has the largest global install base of any such platform available. NettGain enables optimal user experience when using corporate and Internet applications over bandwidth constrained and terrain challenged mobile data networks. Established in 1996, the company is headquartered near Tel Aviv, Israel with offices in The Netherlands, United States, Germany, Hong Kong and Italy. (www.flashnetworks.com)

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