Flash Networks Introduces New Products to Improve Network Performance

Flash Networks, Inc. today introduced NettGain™, a family of software- and hardware-based solutions that accelerate TCP/IP network performance.

HOLMDEL, NJ (April 24, 2000) - Flash Networks, Inc., a global provider of network-enhancement solutions, today introduced NettGain™, a family of software- and hardware-based solutions that accelerate TCP/IP network performance. The NettGain family of products increases bandwidth utilization, and can improve network throughput by up to 500 percent, regardless of the type of network in place. The products accelerate TCP/IP based communications using intelligent flow control and sophisticated real-time compression techniques.

"Companies are increasingly communicating across multiple networks, and as a result, network applications are becoming more transactional in nature to support these communications," said P.K. Prasanna, president, Flash Networks. "An organization's network and its ability to assure timely information flow become a significant competitive advantage. The NettGain family of products enables more efficient deployment of distributed network applications without the expense or complication of additional bandwidth."

Flash Networks has a viable opportunity to achieve a level of success it obtained with its existing satellite provider customers such as Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd., a global leader in satellite communications technology, which provides solutions to customers on six continents. "The challenges in the satellite market, such as transmission delays and the limitations of TCP, are similar to what is currently impacting other commercial networked applications," Prasanna notes. "Flash Networks is now addressing the same challenges facing networks in the enterprise, cellular data, and business-to-business e-commerce markets."

Flash Networks has helped customers see a five-fold performance gain in network performance. The NettGain family of products helps improve performance of distributed applications over a variety of communications media, including satellite, wireless, and all WAN technologies.

By efficiently utilizing bandwidth, NettGain enables the existing capacity of a network to accommodate more users with better service. In addition, the system allows users to dramatically improve the response time and performance of distributed client/server applications such as e-mail, web browsing, remote hosting, and file transfers.

The NettGain solutions reside at both server and client nodes, and are either installed on PC-based systems or deployed as dedicated hardware units. The solutions integrate into any network, and can be easily installed, configured, and managed.

The NettGain solutions are completely transparent to users and are compatible with most standard operating systems, including Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT/2000 operating systems, as well as Sun Solaris and Linux operating systems.

The NettGain family of products is currently available in the U.S. and worldwide. Pricing is based on the type, size, and scalability of the existing network, as well as the type of broadband access currently in place.

Flash Networks at Networld + Interop 2000
At NetWorld + Interop 2000 in Las Vegas (Booth # 2365) from May 9 - 11, Flash Networks will demonstrate its newest network performance solutions for markets where network performance and bandwidth utilization are fast becoming mission-critical needs. These markets include enterprise networks, ASPs, wireless data and satellite service providers, and business-to-business e-commerce.

About Flash Networks
Flash Networks is an innovative developer of performance enhancement software for networked applications that enables enterprise networks, application service providers, satellite networks and broadband wireless carriers to effectively utilize existing bandwidth for high-speed TCP/IP connections. Founded in 1996, the company has customers in North America, Europe, and Israel and maintains offices in New Jersey and Herzelia, Israel.

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