Flash Networks Partners with BroadLogic to Add Increased Performance

Flash Networks announced a strategic agreement with BroadLogic Network Technologies, the world's leading supplier of satellite broadband network equipment.

HOLMDEL, NJ (October 24, 2000) — Flash Networks, Inc., a global provider of network-enhancement solutions for wireless data applications, announced today a strategic agreement with BroadLogic Network Technologies, the world’s leading supplier of satellite broadband network equipment. As part of this agreement, BroadLogic will integrate Flash Networks’ NettGain™ technology into its Satellite ExpressÔ XR1/GW Broadband Access Gateway product.

Designed to deliver broadband TCP/IP services for corporate data networks, the Satellite Express XR1/GW Broadband Access Gateway offers optimum performance, ease of integration and the operational stability demanded by network administrators. NettGain technology is an advanced performance accelerator for TCP/IP-based applications running over satellite and wireless networks. NettGain dramatically improves the response time and performance of distributed client/server applications such as email, Web browsing and file transfers. By combining Flash Networks and BroadLogics’ product expertise, we will improve the efficiency of TCP/IP over satellite to enable customers to fully enjoy the benefits of broadband access over satellite.

“NettGain’s ability to more efficiently utilize satellite bandwidth enables existing capacity to accommodate more users and provide them with better service, empowering Service Providers to generate increased revenue with the same bandwidth,” said Toby Farrand, President and CEO of BroadLogic. “ This partnership greatly enhances our Satellite Express XR1/GW Broadband Access Gateway with significant performance improvement. This collaboration demonstrates BroadLogic’s commitment to meet customer needs with best in class products.”

“Network performance is vital to success, and enterprises cannot afford complex or expensive network overhauls to achieve this,” said Zvi Peled, CEO of Flash Networks. “BroadLogic’s customers will benefit from the combination of the technologies to improve overall performance. Together, our products deliver the full power of broadband satellite networking with one integrated solution for ease of installation, configuration, manageability and support.”

About BroadLogic
BroadLogic Network Technologies (http://www.broadlogic.com/) is the leading provider of satellite broadband networking equipment for sending and receiving high-speed video and data. The company is focused on providing innovative products for data broadcasting and two-way satellite applications that bring media-rich content to large corporations, Internet infrastructure providers and DTV broadcasters and their customers.

About Flash Networks
Flash Networks, Inc. develops network performance solutions that enable satellite and wireless data networks to effectively utilize existing bandwidth for high-speed TCP/IP connections. The company's NettGain(tm) family of products offers unique compression and acceleration techniques that increase bandwidth utilization and improve network throughput by up to 500 percent. Founded in 1996, the company has customers in North America, Europe, Asia and maintains offices in New Jersey and Herzelia, Israel. For more information, visit https://www.flashnetworks.com/.

NettGain is a trademark of Flash Networks and Satellite Express is a trademark of BroadLogic Network Technologies. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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