Ten Percent of Mobile Subscribers at Serious Risk of ID Theft

Flash Networks today published new market data highlighting the vulnerability of mobile users to ID theft via phishing attacks.

Edison, New Jersey, Nov 02, 2017 – Flash Networks, the leading provider of mobile Internet optimization, security, and engagement solutions, today published new market data highlighting the vulnerability of mobile users to ID theft via phishing attacks. Alarmingly, data collected from global operators shows that more than 10% of users are exposed to phishing attempts. Mobile subscribers are being exposed to increasing risk as the volume and sophistication of attacks escalate.

Data from mobile operator deployments reveal that:

  • 3% of all domains visited are classified as suspicious
  • 60% of suspicious domains are linked to phishing
  • The percentage of mobile users exposed to phishing attempts is increasing, with 10% of subscribers visiting suspicious domains at least once a month
  • Threats are dynamic in terms of intensity, location, and time. While massive phishing attempts may occur at one location, a dramatic shift in the target demographics of phishing attempts may be seen elsewhere at a different time.

“A single click taking an unsuspecting mobile user to a fake website can quickly lead to identity theft,” said Dror Shlomo, VP Product at Flash Networks. “Through deep inspection of network traffic, xtraArmor provides subscribers with the strongest possible protection against threats such as viruses, malware, spyware, and phishing before the traffic is delivered to the subscribers’ devices.”

Flash Networks xtraArmor is a clientless solution for detecting and preventing threats aimed at mobile devices. xtraArmor is powered by industry-leading security technology from Symantec. Integrating seamlessly with mobile operators’ networks, the virtualized solution enables operators to protect subscribers and devices from advanced phishing, viruses, malware, spyware, ransomware, and other threats. Using multi-layered detection technologies, such as advanced heuristics, machine learning, and behavior analysis, xtraArmor detects malicious traffic, generates alerts, and prevents such traffic from reaching mobile devices.

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Flash Networks is a leading provider of virtual optimization, security and engagement solutions that enable operators to improve RAN spectral efficiency, boost network speed, optimize video and web traffic, generate over-the-top revenues and secure the mobile Internet for subscribers and devices.

With offices in North America, Europe, Latin America, and Asia, Flash Networks services hundreds of millions of subscribers daily at leading global carriers. For more information, visit www.flashnetworks.com.

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