Mobile Operators in Emerging Markets Win Big with Video Optimization

Flash has released data on how its' customers are turning global sporting events like FIFA World Cup 2018 into an opportunity to showcase their networks.

Subscribers’ QoE measurably enhanced during peak viewing times by more than 20%

Edison, New Jersey, July 16, 2018 – Flash Networks, the leading provider of mobile Internet optimization, security and monetization solutions, has released data on how its’ customers are turning live global sporting events like FIFA World Cup 2018 into an opportunity to showcase their world class networks. Flash customers have been able to take advantage of the World Cup by optimizing the video experience to exceed subscriber expectations, attract new subscribers and increase revenue, all without expanding or investing in network infrastructure.

Data from Flash customers in emerging markets shows: 

  • 20% more users were able to stream videos in HD
  • 30% reduction in video stalling during congestion
  • Major increase in the number of users who enjoyed stable streaming throughout the event

Similar global sporting events have seen increased network demands of up to 40% during peak times. For other operators, this network congestion puts huge pressure on the network and can cause network inefficiency, resulting in severe constraints on video QoE for subscribers trying to enjoy the games and a measured degradation in the video MOS (Mean Opinion Score). Subscribers trying to enjoy real-time OTT video streaming on these networks have experienced a noticeable reduction of video clarity, increased buffering and overall poor quality.

Flash Networks customers enjoyed a significant game-time advantage. Flash Networks’ vHarmony platform enabled network teams to increase video resolution when the network was clear, giving subscribers the full, HD streaming experience, and guaranteed predictable QoE when and where the network was congested, resulting in significantly reduced stalling. The result has been an improved video experience for everyone – even during game time, the highest periods of congestion.

“We’re very excited with these results and that we could successfully enable our customers to better optimize and monetize their networks during a major sporting event like the World Cup,” said Ofer Gottfried, Flash Networks’ CEO. “Our main goal at Flash is to help service providers turn the increase in video streaming and traffic into a major opportunity to attract new subscribers, drive customer loyalty, and build trust, and this world cup has been a resounding success.”

In addition, Flash Networks’ vHarmony enabled marketing and product strategy teams to roll out specific data plans that addressed the different motivations of mobile subscribers. These unique plans include a “Football Binge” plan for football addicted subscribers with unlimited 24/7 video coverage, real-time streaming and with no inverse impact on network performance, a “Football Data Saver” plan for the budget conscious football fan, encouraging them to enjoy video streaming when they would normally stay away from it, and a “VIP Football Fan” for the high-value subscribers who demand HD video, high priority customer service and 24/7 streaming.

With these unique plans in place, Flash’s customers were able to monetize the World Cup event by attracting new subscribers due to flexible offerings, enabling carriers to offer Binge services without worrying about network congestion, and giving VIP subscribers the ability to enjoy the ultimate viewing experience.

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