Flash Networks Announces Availability of Content Control 2.0 Solution

Flash Networks announced today the availability of Content Control 2.0, a policy-based solution which includes new functionality for parental control.

Herzlia, Israel, June 17, 2009 – Flash Networks, a global provider of intelligent mobile Internet solutions, announced today the availability of Content Control 2.0, a policy-based solution which includes new functionality enabling parents to pick and choose which content they consider to be inappropriate or dangerous and how filtering should be applied for each family member. These new user customization features transform content control from a basic black list service to a revenue-generating solution and a key differentiator for mobile operators.

"As browsing on the mobile Internet is becoming more prevalent, and the age of subscribers is falling, parents are becoming more aware of the need for content control," said Emma Mohr-McClune, Research Director at Current Analysis. "Putting subscribers in the driver seat and letting them choose how controls are implemented provides a better alternative to regulation and across the board blocking of mobile content."

Typical content control solutions utilize “URL Filtering,” where requests are matched to a pre-existing list of inappropriate URL's and access is either granted or blocked. With Flash Networks' web-based application, parents have the ability to control web content access based on the type of content and to prevent access after bedtime or during school hours.

Parents can also choose to monitor Internet behavior by receiving an immediate SMS or email notification if access is attempted to dangerous content categories such as suicide, drugs, or anorexia. In addition to indicating when blocking or notifying should occur, this feature gives parents access to information regarding where their children are spending time online, enabling them to initiate an open dialogue with their children, instead of just blocking.

Parents can also choose to grant or block access to chat, video, and images generated by social media sites. For young children, parents can create a "walled garden" or protected environment by only giving them access to a limited number of age-appropriate sites.

"As more and more youth are using mobile devices to enjoy music, games, and video, parents also need to have a high level of confidence that their children will be protected from harmful content," commented Liam Galin, President & CEO of Flash Networks. "With Content Control 2.0, operators can take a more active role promoting social responsibility, protect their brand, create a competitive edge, and build customer loyalty by enabling subscribers to customize content control based on their own family values, and the needs of each child."

This Content Control solution is part of the Harmony Mobile Internet Services Gateway which enables operators to enhance user quality of experience, reduce operational expenses, and manage and monetize access to the open Internet by applying best-in-class services to mobile data traffic. Flash Networks' content control solutions are currently deployed at several tier one operators in Europe and North America, including Bell, T-Mobile USA, Telefónica, and Wind.

About Flash Networks

Flash Networks is a global provider of intelligent mobile Internet solutions that enable operators to improve quality of experience, reduce network operational expenses, and manage and monetize the mobile Internet. Providing a faster, safer, richer, and more personalized user experience, Flash Networks’ Internet services gateway helps operators achieve significant cost savings through intelligent data traffic optimization, and applies intelligent policies for targeted marketing and charging. With offices in Europe, Asia, and North America, Flash Networks' installed base of top-tier mobile carriers includes O2, Orange, SingTel Group, T-Mobile, Telefónica, Telenor, Verizon Wireless, Vodafone, and Wind. For more information, visit www.flashnetworks.com.


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