Parental Control

Parental Control

Protecting subscribers and their families from unwanted and harmful content

Key Benefits

  • Ensure safe Internet experience for children and youth on their personal mobile devices
  • Generate additional revenue through parental self-care portal
  • Protect against web-based malware attacks (Phishing, Adware, Spyware)
  • Empower parents to supervise web browsing and other online activities


The Parental Control Story
Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets bring an amazing online world to our fingertips. For children and young adults this can be a world of wonder. Unfortunately, it can also exposure them to risks, which can be a significant source of worry for parents. Mobile devices expose kids to dangers, such as disturbing, even harmful material that they can easily stumble upon while online.

There is also the issue of managing “screen time.” No parent wants their kids spending all their free time sitting in front of a screen. 

Mobile operators are in the best position to protect the younger subscribers from these dangers by offering parental control solution as a service to their customers. Mobile operators can support parental choice in providing mobile connectivity to children and young adults, giving the parent full control over how and when the services will be available. In addition, operators can generate additional revenue by offering piece of mind, personalized to each family member.

Flash Networks Parental Control solution gives concerned parents complete control. Parents are able to control the amount of time their kids spend on things like social media and messaging applications, enabling parents to create personalized policies that block or allow access to specific categories of content and applications in real-time. Parents can even cut off internet access completely, as they wish. The network-based solution can be augmented with a client client-installed app for offline and WiFi protection. Powered by Symantec’s RuleSpace engine, the solution incorporates proven and globally respected URL Web categorization databases with real-time analysis to multiple markets. It offers a unique combination of database lookups and real-time analysis for accurate categorization of unknown or dynamic web sites, especially useful in dealing with sites containing user-generated content.

Flash Networks Parental Control solution allows mobile operators to:

  • Achieve compliance to regulations - blacklist Child Abuse Images and Content (CAIC) - sites hosting illegal child abuse images and content anywhere in the world.
  • Give back parental control over technology use, with a self-care portal with visibility into their kids’ surfing habits and browser history
  • Comply with new GDPR parental consent regulations, especially with children younger than 13




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