As the number of mobile devices continue to multiply, so do the security threats facing consumers and business subscribers.   These concerns have positioned mobile operators in a unique position to offer anxious subscribers, unparalleled peace-of-mind.

Flash Networks xtraArmor is a clientless network security solutions designed specifically for the needs of mobile operators and their customers.  xtraArmor is powered by technology from a leading global security vendor that operates one of the world’s largest cyber intelligence networks, seeing more threats and protecting more customers from the next generation of attacks. The unique combination of TCP acceleration and secure object caching enables xtraArmor to seamlessly secure mobile devices while maintaining a great user experience.

Major threats facing todays mobile subscribers: 

Major threats

Phishing–the attempt to acquire sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details (and sometimes, indirectly, money).

Malware and Viruses – Malicious code that can delete applications, steal data, spy on you, and generally cause havoc. The subversive programs exploit security defects in the design of the operating system and browsers.

Spyware–software that aims to gather information about a person or organization without their knowledge and that may send such information to another entity without the consumer's consent.

Spam – Email Spam is at best an annoyance, but can be used as a vehicle for embedding malware, spyware, and other threats.

Flash Networks xtraArmor, is a clientless mobile threat detection and prevention solution that integrates seamlessly into mobile operators’ network policy, expressly answering the needs of mobile operators. 

xtraArmor features include

xtraArmor features include

xtraArmor enables mobile operators to protect individual consumers, families, business customers and IoT devices from the ever-mounting security threats targeting in mobile and IoT devices.  xtraArmor will detect, warn and block malicious traffic from reaching the mobile device.

Additional benefits include:

For Consumers

  • Remotely detect infected mobile devices and notify subscriber
  • Engage with subscriber to help quickly resolve security issues

For Families

  • Ensure safe Internet experience for children and young adults Give concerned parents peace of mind by providing tools to manage and control access to the Internet
  • Restrict access to selected sites and content increase awareness through monitoring and alerts

Services for Small and Medium Business

  • Enhance operators’ business security portfolio
  • Protect devices when employees are out of office
  • Prevent infection of company servers and colleagues

For Things (IoT)

  • Prevent infection of IoT devices
  • Isolation of infected devices and notification to device owners/supervisors


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