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Flash Networks TCP won a race against TCP Tier 1 Vendor 

In a recent comparison of Download and Browsing speed for a European operator, TCP Acceleration by Flash Networks won against TCP Acceleration of Tier 1 Vendor. TCP by Flash Networks significantly improved the user throughput by an average of 30% above Tier 1 Vendor TCP improvement. 
By implementing TCP Acceleration from Flash Networks, subscribers will experience a noticeable enhancement in their Quality of Experience (QoE) with an average throughput increase of at least 10% or more. This optimization creates a resilient and adaptable connection that swiftly reaches peak speeds, significantly reducing the time required to download specific content.   
TCP Acceleration increases network score and operators' revenue. By selecting the right provider for TCP Acceleration, mobile operators can guarantee that their customers receive high-quality service, leading to greater sales and revenue.  
With Flash Networks TCP Acceleration, mobile operators can get the most out of their existing network using improved efficiency. They can minimize the need to install new cells and save millions of dollars. Mobile operators can deliver the ultimate mobile experience to subscribers and improve Benchmark scores. When subscribers are happy, the brand is differentiated. 
For nearly 30 years, Flash Networks has been the world's network optimization expert. This is the company's signature solution. Since 1995, Flash Networks has helped leading global mobile operators solve their biggest network performance and utilization challenges with innovative technology. Flash Networks` patented, multi-service technology solutions serve over 500 million subscribers worldwide. Today Flash Networks optimizes operators’ mobile traffic, monetizes their existing network, and protects wireless users to provide better performance and higher QoE for subscribers.
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