Stop Service Plan Abuse

It’s amazing how mobile devices can bring the world to consumers, wherever they happen to be. However, to enable smooth service to all the increasing number of  Web Services, special Web services preparations are required from the Mobile Core.

Those Web Services are vital for the modern network service like Single Sign-On to Operator Portal or a 3rd party app, protecting access to restricted content, Tethering abuse Control, and many more.

Enriching the Mobile Core with multiple Web Services in one platform creates a huge advantage for the modern network. From deployment to maintenance and provisioning one platform for all web services is a must.

stop service plan abuse

Enhance subscribers' mobile experience.

We help you take a more active role in promoting social responsibility, protecting your brand, creating a competitive edge, and building customer loyalty with service plan abuse prevention solutions.

Protect your subscribers

Limit access by comparing web traffic against a database to prevent subscribers from accessing illegal sites. Comply with regulatory and government requirements.

Subscriber Service Effectivity

Increase Subscriber Effectivity by optimizing the number of clicks to access a service.


Customer Experience Insight

Marketing differentiated data plans can help you meet subscriber expectations and save your network from the potential impact of overwhelming HD traffic.

Tethering Control

It enables detection and classification of tethering Users to effectively report and invoke policy enforcement of operator appropriate business decisions on how to manage and charge subscribers on such usage, or even block or throttle tethered traffic in real-time.


Use Case

Different plans

Operators can create budget plans for price-sensitive markets and Unlimited plans for heavy data plans. The operator can define the most popular streaming services to be included in the plan.

Stop Service Plan abuse




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