Secure User ID Insertion for Advertising

You can provide Ad companies obfuscated subscriber ID and Flash Networks can help you do that. This gives you the business opportunity to share customer profiles to other businesses and specific profiles will receive targeted Ads. And your business will receive revenue generation.

Targeted advertising-1

You reduce the risk to your subscribers to be directly identified by advertisers. 

You provide a personalized experience to your subscribers. They will receive ads based on their behaviour and interest. 

Generate New Revenue

This is a monetization possibility as you can create added value service and create specific plans for subscribers.

Improve Brand Image

You reduce the risk to your subscribers to be directly identified by advertisers. You provide a personalized experience.


The subscriber can control the use of data and personalize the advertising content.

The recipient can send a query for a specific ACR and receive an answer that it stands for a specific targeting criterion. You can offer your subscribers freedom of choice, control, and transparency.

Harmony Header enrichment

Single Sign-On enables subscribers to securely authenticate with multiple applications and websites by using just one easily remembered set of credentials. So, you have Network-based authentication rather than weak and annoying subscriber authentication, and subscribers run within the recommended secured environments.

A dynamic ACR

Dynamic ACRs use a ‎timestamp to guarantee the ACR value for the same user will vary whenever the system calculates an ACR. The dynamic ACR is deleted after ‎RADIUS Stop. New Dynamic ACRs are created with a different timestamp when required.‎

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