Data Usage and Congestion Management

Subscribers always want more content, but it's that very demand that congests networks and cells, negatively affecting the subscriber experience. Operators also face the challenge of data and device numbers explosion while average revenue per user (ARPU) remains stagnant. Take control of your business and network data with Flash Networks.

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Optimization to proactively eliminate network overload.

Flash Networks` data usage and congestion management solution offers an unparalleled insight into your network and user experience, letting you pinpoint trouble and manage it automatically before it impacts your subscribers.

With real-time monitoring capabilities, the solution predicts congestion and uses Adaptive Bitrate Management and Just In Time optimization to proactively eliminate radio and network overload and protect the subscriber experience. Additionally, this net-neutrality-compliant solution allows you to reduce unnecessary Network CAPEX investment by moving back the need to invest in additional infrastructure or new cell sites.

Efficient resource allocation

Reduce data usage / PRB (physical resource block) utilization by 20 to 30 % without impacting QoE.

Improved QoE

Proactively protect subscriber experience with Just-In-Time congestion detection and alleviation.

Reduce unnecessary network spend

Maximize the utilization of existing infrastructure and defer new investments by "squeezing" more traffic out of your existing network.


Take control of your network quality.

Improve your network quality without additional CAPEX with the following Flash Networks features to enable congestion detection, monitoring, and control.

User and cell congestion detection

Flash Networks monitors each subscriber's condition in real-time and uses cell ID to determine user and cell congestion levels.

Adaptive Bitrate Management

Optimize the use of network bandwidth by adjusting the resolution level and video quality of streams and streaming videos in smaller blocks.

Just-In-Time content delivery

Just-In-Time is a Flash Networks’ unique feature. When subscribers watch videos on YouTube and Netflix, Just-In-Time reduces the load of the watched video to consume less data, by controlling the time of the video appearance on the read head buffer.

Cell-based traffic management

"Squeeze" more traffic out of existing network infrastructure by optimizing the performance of specific cell towers based on heavy usage times.

Cloud gaming streaming

Improve subscriber gaming experience while optimizing their video stream to available network conditions, reducing network load, and increasing QoE.


Use Case

Heavily loaded cells

Overloaded cells

When optimization is ON, users` throughput increases,  when is OFF, the load is affecting the subscriber QoE negatively. 



Optimization of a specific cell load is at healthy levels. The same difference is with the number of active users. In a customer use case without Optimization in the same load in rush hour, active users are between 2 and 8. With Optimization, active users are between 13 and 17 in rush hour. You can squeeze more traffic out of the existing network infrastructure and optimize the performance of cell towers, based on subscribers` usage. With Flash Networks.

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