Local, International, and MVNO Roaming Traffic Volume Control

Manage cost by optimizing, controlling, or blocking roaming and virtual traffic volume.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce roaming data volume by up to 20%, resulting in significant cost savings
  • Protect subscribers from excessive data rates and bill-shock
  • Create the opportunity to upsell enhanced roaming services (e.g. video/audio streaming)

The Roaming Data Control Story
Roaming overseas or even within a country can be an expensive proposition. While national roaming enables smaller operators to piggyback their subscribers onto an incumbent’s network, it can be costly for new entrants. National roaming is typically authorized to enable a smaller operator or an MVNO to expand their reach and compete with their established counterparts.

However, roaming traffic can be very expensive, both to the initiating operators and their subscribers. Incumbents charge MVNOs and smaller MNOs by Gigabyte of data used, which means the more roaming data used, the higher the costs. This business model puts new entrants into a precarious predicament; do they pass all the roaming costs on to the subscribers they are trying to attract, thereby offering an expensive alternative or do they absorb to costs in the hope of quickly building their subscriber base? Neither of these alternatives is optimal. Fortunately, another option is now available.

By optimizing the roaming data, MVNOs and smaller entrants can reduce the amount of data by up to 20% or more and increase their subscriber’s experience. This approach is a win/win for both subscribers and operators and can open further opportunities for new services. For example, T-Mobile USA has long offered unlimited global roaming with speed throttling as part of their Simple Choice postpaid plans, and 3UK recently expanded their free roaming Feel at Home service to cover over 70 destinations and included their Go Binge zero rating service for travelers.

Roaming traffic can be optimized, filtered, or simply blocked by employing a combination of concurrent optimization techniques. The level of roaming traffic optimization can be adjusted to a specific point to relieve the associated impact and costs.



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