Quality of Experience Booster

Create the ultimate mobile data experience for each subscriber by accelerating content delivery, accelerating streaming video, and reducing packet loss and latency. Also obtain faster downloads, videos, and page load times.

Key Benefits

  • Transform market position and gain new subscribers with the market’s fastest mobile network
  • Keep subscribers happy and lower churn rates
  • TCP, Web, and Video Optimization can increase subscriber throughput by 10-40%
  • Defer infrastructure expansion costs

The Quality Booster Story
Today’s connected consumers want on-the-move, anywhere access to advanced applications and rich video content, without delay or buffering. Subscriber Experience is the only KPI that truly matters for today’s mobile users. Delivering the ultimate mobile data experience will go a long way to differentiating your network, lowering churn, and attracting new subscribers.

As lock-in mobile contracts and other switching barriers fall, churning away becomes much easier and more common; any frustration with the quality of mobile network could see a subscriber move. In addition, savvy subscribers regularly test the speed of their network to find out if they are getting value for money.

There are many network factors that affect the experience of end-users. To provide an unparcelled mobile experience, operator must address every dimension. Much of the Internet’s data payload is carried over a non-efficient transport layer that struggles to utilize the maximum available bandwidth at any given time. Even minor packet loss or latency may impact on the transport layer performance, which, in turn, causes a noticeable degradation for subscribers who expect to get the best possible experience.

QoE Booster optimizes every aspect of data delivery to guarantee an enhanced subscriber experience. Optimization technique includes:

  • Slow start boost
  • Packet loss mitigation
  • Buffer bloat protection

Operators can exceed existing customers’ expectations and attract new subscribers by offering the Ultimate Mobile Experience. Enhanced data delivery and mobile/IoT device battery life will ensure your network scores top marks and provides unbeatable speed, consistency, and experience.



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