Flash's xtraAware to Assess the True Subscriber Experience

Flash announced the availability of xtraAware, designed to provide real-time assessment of network, subscribers, devices, and applications performance.

Assessment of network, subscribers, devices and applications in real time enables operators to proactively ensure the optimal network performance

Edison, New Jersey, December 19, 2018 – Flash Networks, the leading provider of mobile Internet optimization, security and monetization solutions announced today the availability of xtraAware, designed to provide a real time assessment of network, subscribers, devices and applications performance to enable operators to proactively solve network and application issues that might lead to a degradation in network performance and customer churn.  xtraAware’s more accurate assessment of the user experience can also prevent revenue loss due to interrupted sessions such as dropped video for prepaid subscribers. 

Flash Networks’ XtraAware provides an extra layer of awareness so that those applications critical to subscribers like video viewing, and page loading for e-commerce sites during busy holiday seasons will receive the bandwidth they need to provide an acceptable level of performance from an end user perspective. XtraAware utilizes machine learning algorithms to identify traffic for applications including popular ones such as You Tube,  Facebook and Instagram even when this traffic is encrypted, and then alerts operators when a high ratio of pages take too long to load or video viewing is unstable so network resources can be reassigned.

Measuring network performance based on location and application enables networks to prioritize their network expansion with a higher level of accuracy to ensure a truly positive customer experience when subscribers browse the web and use popular applications. 

xtraAware pinpoints specific locations where service degradation occur for specific user segments and times of day by baselining the user experience and then utilizing machine learning algorithms to identify performance anomalies.   Traditionally, operators have relied on legacy equipment such as probes and DPI appliances, however they are limited in their ability to process encrypted traffic. In addition to behavioral analysis xtraAware utilizes a clientless technology that receives all types of data directly from the browser to better replicate the customer experience for a more accurate reading. xtraAware provides a full scorecard by monitoring several key attributes that influence subscriber satisfaction including page load start time, page load time, video start time, resolution, and stream stability.

xtraAware is available as part of Flash Networks vHarmony 8.0 which improves the quality of the user experience and increases RAN spectral efficiency by accelerating traffic across LTE networks while reducing video traffic overload.   vHarmony provides multi-dimensional network optimization that creates measurable value from radio spectral efficiency from the mobile core, enabling operators to optimize, monetize and secure mobile networks from end-to-end.

“With the advent of the Internet of Things, and the increase in the volume and weight of video traffic, operators need to use sophisticated technology to monitor and then optimize networks to provide a superior user quality of experience,” said Ofer Gottfried, CEO at Flash Networks. “With two successful trials, our customers are already gleaming important insights to proactively ensure customer satisfaction and utilize their resources in the most efficient way possible for superior network performance.”  

About Flash Networks
Flash Networks is a leading provider of virtual optimization, security and monetization solutions that enable operators to improve RAN spectral efficiency, boost network speed, optimize video and web traffic, generate over-the-top revenues and secure the mobile Internet for subscribers and devices.

With offices in North America, Europe, Latin America, and Asia, Flash Networks services hundreds of millions of subscribers daily at leading global carriers. For more information, visit http://www.flashnetworks.com.


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