Flash Video Optimization Relieves Network Bottlenecks with QoE

Flash Networks announced the dramatic reduction in network load achieved during active deployments and network trials of its video optimization solution.

Herzlia, Israel, February 10, 2011 – Flash Networks, a global provider of intelligent mobile Internet solutions, announced the dramatic reduction in network load achieved during active deployments and network trials of its Video Optimization solution in North America, Europe, and Asia. As a result of implementing network optimization tuned for user quality of experience, Flash Networks achieved, on the average, a 49% improvement in video start time, or an average of 5.74 seconds faster loading, and a 96% reduction of stalls, together with up to 46% reduction in consumed data.

Flash Networks recently analyzed video traffic from optimization systems installed in five operator networks that serve more than 130 Million subscribers in APAC, North America, Western Europe, and Eastern Europe. Analysis at the application layer revealed:

Video traffic is increasing at a rate of 12% month over month
Android and Apple handheld devices account for only 25% of the handset market but over 65% of mobile Internet handset traffic
75% of users abandon videos before completion

Effective network optimization is required to alleviate bandwidth bottlenecks created by the massive increase in mobile data usage, driven by video traffic. Speaking at a conference recently, France Telecom Orange’s CEO, Stephane Richard, revealed that he anticipates ten times more data traffic in their network within two years.

“We are seeing more and more players entering the optimization market with basic solutions that are insufficient because they don’t take into account local network congestion and the individual user experience,” said Merav Bahat, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at Flash Networks. “Harmony's Video Optimization factors in network load at the cell level, as well as subscriber session information, to provide the most relevant level of optimization, ensuring subscriber satisfaction while reducing network load.”

Flash Networks’ Video Optimization is part of the Harmony Mobile Internet Services Gateway which enables operators to enhance user quality of experience, reduce operational expenses, and manage and monetize access to the open Internet by applying best-in-class services to mobile data traffic.

Harmony sits at the heart of the network, inspecting, identifying, and then optimizing video traffic. Due to a highly efficient and unique system architecture, Flash Networks’ Video Optimization has the lowest footprint in the market, resulting in a solution that is up to five times more cost-effective than competitive solutions.

Flash Networks’ cell-based video optimization solution will be demonstrated at Mobile World Congress 2011, February 14-17 in Barcelona, Spain at Flash Networks’ booth in Hall 2.0, Stand 2B75.

About Flash Networks
Flash Networks is a global provider of intelligent mobile Internet solutions that enable operators to improve quality of experience, reduce network operational expenses, and manage and monetize the mobile Internet. Providing a faster, safer, richer, and more personalized user experience, Flash Networks’ Harmony Mobile Internet Services Gateway helps operators achieve significant cost savings through intelligent data traffic optimization, and applies intelligent policies for targeted marketing and charging. With offices in Europe, Asia, and North America, Flash Networks' installed base of top-tier mobile carriers includes O2, Orange, SingTel Group, T-Mobile, Telefónica, and Wind. For more information, visit www.flashnetworks.com.

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