xtraArmor Clean Pipe Cyber Security and Parental Control Services

Protect subscribers, devices, and IoT, plus increase ARPU by offering network-based security services.

Key Benefits

  • Generate revenue by offering security services such as parental control and clean pipe
  • Differentiate your network and value proposition through a “Most secure network” claim
  • Create a secure network to support the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Reduce significant marketing and support costs related to device-based security

The Cyber Security Services Story
The security threat to mobile smartphones, tablets, and IoT devices is rising ominously. The popularity of mobile devices and their relatively lax security have made them attractive targets for malicious actors. A single click that takes an unsuspecting mobile user to a fake website can quickly lead to identity theft or other attacks. More than 10% of users are exposed to phishing attempts. The mobile Internet is a particularly dangerous place. Mobile is a prime target for malware, phishing, and identity theft and no one is better positioned to protect subscribers and devices than the operator themselves.

Operators have long targeted security services as a growth opportunity, but the approach of partnering with device-based security solutions has not been a remarkable success. Simply rebranding and marketing security apps has inherent frictions. Operators must invest considerable effort in marketing the app, convincing subscribers to download, activate, and then pay a monthly fee for the app.

To create viable and profitable parental control and security services, operators need a clientless, network-based solution that can bypass most of the frictions and shortfalls in the device-based security solutions.

Operators can generate additional revenue and offer subscribers piece of mind by offering subscriber security as a service. Possibly more important, operators can put “Security” front and center in their marketing, addressing a significant concern for both mobile subscribers and IoT device owners.

Clean-Pipe Security Service enables network-based alerting, blocking, and control of mobile Internet data. Through deep inspection of network traffic, xtraArmor provides subscribers and IoT devices with the strongest possible protection against threats such as viruses, malware, spyware, and phishing before the traffic is delivered.



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