Flash Networks Value Added Services

Make sure your systems stay up and running with monitoring catered. Our Monitoring System offers customized dashboards delivering Harmony-specific metrics and tracking your system performance. You’re covered with alerts and notifications, tracking disk space, I/O, throughput, network, memory, CPU utilization, and so much more. Benefit from service check-ups, recurring health checks, and full-system audits with anomalies flagged in detailed findings reports to ensure your system is always stable and optimized for business.

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Our program includes: 


  • Proactive infrastructure monitoring
  • Proactive product monitoring
  • Periodic platform health check
  • Detailed dashboards with key metrics to gain insights, track performance, and proactively monitor your deployment
  • Support Customer’s capacity planning
  • Traffic management and trends reports
Managed Services - Memory usage
Managed Services - CPU utilization
Managed Services - Hard disc Usage
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Flash Networks Value Added Services

Flash Networks have been managing complex environments for almost 30 years, and we’ll bring that skill set to your business. Let our global team take away your Operations concerns—we’ll do all your upgrades, configure your application, and provide solutions for your use cases for maximum benefit. You won’t have to think about your infrastructure, servers, or networks.

Our experts ensure always available and online status. Your team can focus elsewhere while we make sure everything’s done right the first time—no mistakes and no downtime. We’ll drive your maintenance windows, write the methods of procedure (MOPs) for those windows, and monitor everything. When you sign up for Flash Networks’ Managed Operations, you are passing your system over to the experts so you can grow your business in other ways.


Why Flash Networks

For over 25 years, Flash Networks has been a global leader in mobile network solutions, empowering telecom companies worldwide to transform their networks while minimizing costs. Our flagship Harmony platform seamlessly optimizes and monetizes data,  delivering lightning-fast speeds, reduced latency, and improving connectivity. In addition to transforming networks and minimizing costs, we also offer a zero-touch Cyber Security Solution. This solution helps mobile operators protect their subscribers from malware, phishing, and similar threats while generating an additional revenue stream. Explore the wide array of offerings from Flash Networks



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