Streaming video on popular sites such as YouTube, Netflix, and Twitch, and the growing demand for ultra-high-quality video is increasing bandwidth requirements and network congestion. The main impact on QoE is experienced by users who are spending most of their time doing Social networking and Web browsing which are non-adaptive traffic types.

xtraAir autonomously detects congestion and then performs intelligent traffic management (Adaptive Bitrate Management) of heavy video streams, reducing their volume by up to 40%, while maintaining viewing integrity and a fair share of bandwidth for all cell users.  

Even when the video is encrypted via HTTPS, xtraAir analyses the traffic to detect the encrypted video and then manages the streaming rate for increased efficiency.

xtraAir ABM achieves on the average 53% savings of time slot utilization and up to 40% reduction of physical resource blocks while also speeding up video downloads.  

Harmony ABM implement dynamic policies based on network condition, time of day, device recognition, user charging profile and content detection to guarantee maximum accuracy, faster start time and stable video streaming experience during congestion.


The figure below shows the results at a live operator trial in Europe, where xtraAir ABM controls YouTube session and increase Web and Social networking throughput by 63% while reducing video start time by 17%.


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