Traditional security and content filtering solutions were deployed as a HTTP proxy along side with some firewall capabilities
HTTPS changed the game and solutions evolved to trusted MIM proxy together with TLS SNI inspection but this is more popular for enterprise IT as ISP will not risk of violating privacy and GDPR
Exponential growth in the encrypted content traffic which mainly contains video and social media created a huge investments for ISPs in order to deploy security solutions and a mitigation for that came from applying filtering and security only on DNS queries
DNS is not a sufficient solution as it is easily bypassed using SSL tunnels and VPNs and this fact brought back the focus to the network based proxies and emphasizes the scalability challenges and huge investments required
Preparing for 5G and for a forecast of additional exponential increase in traffic volumes a new solution is needed which is capable of delivering DNS-like scalability but also mitigate the attempts to bypass the DNS


The Harmony™ xtraArmor is designed as Hybrid solution for clientless and network based security enforcement

By using DNS based filtering and DNS based steering along side with packet uplink tapping the solution provides unlimited scalability and doesn't require expansion of compute resources when traffic grows exponentially year over year

The Harmony™ xtraArmor 

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