xtraAir Radio Spectral Efficiency and Reduced Battery Drain

Radio Spectral Efficiency will optimize radio signaling and transport layer use for mobile devices, IoT, and applications, reducing unnecessary RRC Connection, signaling and states changes to a minimum.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce RRC max Connect by 10%
  • Reduce RRC State Changes by 15%
  • Reduce Paging by 20%
  • Reduce device battery drain due to excessive signaling
  • Defer additional radio investments by eliminating inefficiencies and recycling wasted resources Autonomous congestion resolution

The Radio Spectral Efficiency Story
While the rise in mobile data and its impact on operator networks are much talked about, the issue of excessive and unnecessary signaling is discussed less often, but also has a significant impact. This type of signaling happens when a device sends a keep-alive message or checks for an app update, where none is available.

These signals generate very little data traffic, and the connection times are short. However, sending or receiving a status update or message can generate more signaling traffic than setting up or tearing down a voice call or data session. Keep-alive messages are produced any time the application is active—even if the handset is not in use. This unnecessary signaling wastes valuable, already stretched, mobile radio resources. In addition, the incessant signaling can accelerate device battery depletion.

It is important to recall that the often-quoted maximum throughputs for radio networks are theoretical; real-world conditions (such as due to transport layer inefficiencies) can seriously impact the actual throughput.

The problem occurs as most of the Internet’s payload is carried over a non-efficient transport layer that struggles to utilize the maximum available bandwidth at any given time. In addition, in most cases, web servers, applications, and devices (smartphones, tablets, wearables, and other IoT) completely disregard or are unaware of the underlying radio network.

This phenomenon places ever-increasing pressure on the underlying transport and radio networks, resulting in sub-optimal radio performance, service degradation, and wasted resources.

Radio Spectral Efficiency, delivered from the core, can significantly reduce this unnecessary signaling without impacting the subscriber experience. This solution reduces the amount of unnecessary RRC State Changes, Paging, and Concurrent Users in Connect state while improving the spectral efficiency of radio resources.

Operators can reduce congestion and free up crucial radio resources to service more customers and devices, generating more revenue for existing infrastructure. In addition, the solution reduces battery drain on mobile and IoT devices by reducing unrequired signaling. xtraAir is a patent-pending technology that is transparent to any application, device, IoT, or radio technology.



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