In-browser Contextual Subscriber Engagement

Drive clientless, cost-effective, relevant, contextual, and personal engagement with every subscriber – without leaving the browser.

Key Benefits

  • Improve customer experience, drive lifetime value, and reduce churn by directly engaging with every subscriber without the need for a dedicated app
  • Promote services, products, and data plans through a direct, personalized channel
  • Drive QoE and network improvement through direct interaction with subscribers
  • Build trust with real-time alerts and notifications on service and experience issues


The L8 Subscriber Engagement Story
The digital experience has forever changed the expectations of subscribers and operators are rapidly scrambling to reengage them. Mobile operators appreciate the need to open a two-way conversation with their customers, one that is personal, relevant, and contextual. Operators have become aware that subscriber engagement is a key success factor for many a successful digital business, one they urgently need to emulate. Communicating the proper message to each customer at the right time, drives loyalty and keeps them aware of the latest options and developments.

Operators have long known that the best way to drive down churn and increase customer lifetime services is to sell subscribers more services. Many mobile providers have developed their own apps for engagement, communication, and upsell. However, they have not been very successful in driving engagement due to multiple friction points. Operators either need to preinstall apps on the devices or invest significant resources to convince customers to download and then use the app.

In-browser engagement bypasses these issue by engaging with customers in context, without the need for a dedicated app to do so. In today’s digital mobile world, operators need a cost-effective engagement channel, within their promotion budgets, that will enable them to reach their market with relevant and personalized messages that will drive new revenues.

L8 Subscriber Engagement supports operators to interact with their subscriber by delivering messages within the browser, therefore helping them stay in context.

In-browser engagement can be used for service updates, product upsell, or cross-sell, or to provide insights regarding network usage and security.

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