xtraAware Customer XP Report Card for Immersive Multi-layer Actionable Intelligence on Network, Subscribers, Devices, Applications, and the True Subscriber Experience

Comprehensive actionable intelligence to proactively solve network and application issues, enhance QoE, and exceed customer expectations.

Key Benefits

  • Stay ahead of subscriber expectation by proactively motoring their real-time experience
  • Detect and proactively engage subscribers that are experiencing a degradation in applications performance, such as video streaming and browsing
  • Learn about subscriber trends, such as usage patterns

The Immersive Customer Experience Story
Quality of Experience has become a standard measure by which subscribers select their operator of choice. Operators use network intelligence as the key method for measuring and enhancing their customers’ experience. To be successful, operators need to immerse themselves in their customers’ experience. Operators must identify network trouble spots, and detect and solves issue before they impact the subscriber. Traditionally, operators have relied on legacy equipment, such as probes and DPI appliances, however they have been severely “blinded” by the onset of encryption.

The RAN and mobile packet core is made up of numerous connected elements, each of which produces significant metrics. Correlating this data into a comprehensive view of the network, devices, and applications with subscriber experience would be a tedious and expensive undertaking. A solution designed to optimize each user flow is the ideal platform for aggregating this data and measuring true subscriber experience. Operators can realize improvements and pinpoint service degradation in a specific location, for specific user segments, and at specific times of day.

Immersive Customer XP insight provides operators with a comprehensive and expansive dashboard that offers extensive report cards for examining every aspect of the network, applications, and customer experience. Granular report cards delve into the performance of specific KPIs for each layer. For example, a video report card includes measurements on time of day, number of clips per hour, and duration.

The Customer XP Report Card combines detailed performance scores from the underlying transport layer and both the browsing and video experience.

xtraAware baselines the network and user experience and then utilizes machine learning algorithms to look for anomalies in performance. The operator receives a comprehensive view of the experience from the customer standpoint. Operators utilize this insight to predict and resolve issues before they impact the subscriber and to plan and build a better service for all. xtraAware utilizes specialized metrics such as record page load time reporting, which is a clientless technology that receives data directly from the browser as experienced by the user. This method is extremely accurate compared to other solutions.

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