Monetize User Data with Encrypted OTT Players and Anonymous Customer References for Encrypted Traffic

Identify encrypted traffic users and re-enable monetization using content based anonymous Customer References.

Key Benefits

  • Re-enable popular use cases that became unviable due to the onset of encryption
  • Enable indirect authentication of subscribers, cookie-less user tracking, and 3rd party data monetization
  • Monetize mobile micro payments and portal services
  • Personalize advertising and mitigate advertising fraud
  • Deploy ad reporting, modeling, and attribution

The Encrypted OTT Monetization story
Header information enables websites to identify properties such as device type, preferred language, and content support so that the site recognizes how to best display the content on the requesting devices. Mobile operators have long been able to utilize header information by inserting an anonymous unique identifier into it to better tailor their services for their customers.

With the encroachment of encryption, header visibility traffic has substantially reduced the operators’ ability to personalize and monetize the mobile experience via anonymous customer references. These use cases fell apart as encryption became dominant. This solution enables operators to reintroduce these very attractive and popular use cases and partner with advertising companies to create highly targeted remarketing campaigns. Three primary use cases that were put in jeopardy by encryption are now viable again:

1. Authentication – operators require an indirect method to authenticate users when there is no direct method available (such as phone no, or MSISDN). For example, if a subscriber attempts to access an operator portal over WiFi, there is no direct way to authenticate the subscriber. Header enrichment fills this gap. Header enrichment can enable portal access, micropayments, and single sign on where a direct authentication is not available.

2. User tracking – To improve their offering, digital providers and operators have long gathered information on customer needs, wants, and likes, particularly through the use of cookies. Privacy regulations in some markets have made this approach obsolete. Operators in these markets employ header enrichment to facilitate user tracking.

3. Third-party Monetization - operators have been able to monetize their subscriber base by anonymously profiling and segmenting them according to their online behavior. Operators have built new revenue streaming by selling this anonymous data to assist third parties in improving their service offerings.



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