Data Explosion Management and Congestion Prevention

Control the data explosion and take back control of your network quality. Data and devices are growing; ARPU is not! Networks cannot be built out fast enough. Enable Content and Video Traffic Optimization based on congestion detection, monitoring, and control.

Key Benefits

  • Effectively reduce data usage by - 20-30% without impacting the QoE
  • Reduce PRB Utilization by 20-30%
  • Predict and proactively protect subscriber experience as congestion occurs
  • Defer infrastructure investment by squeezing more traffic out of the existing network
  • Autonomous just-in-time congestion detection and alleviation


The Data Explosion Control Story
Subscribers’ insatiable demand for content translates into an exponential increase in mobile data traffic. Mobile networks often become congested at busy times of the day or some cells may become congested due to a lack of radio resources or network capacity. This causes random and unpredictable outages to applications, without consideration for the sensitivity of the application to interruptions. While data growth is now an unavoidable fact, congestion can be alleviated before it negatively affects subscriber experience.

Data Explosion Control gives operators an unparalleled view into the network and user experience, helping to pinpoint trouble before it impacts subscribers. The solution predicts congestion and automatically activates the control mechanism to effectively protect subscribers’ experience as the congestion occurs. Once the congestion has ended, the optimization mechanism is automatically deactivated until required again. Optimization techniques and features include:

  • Acceleration - HTTP, HTTPs, TCP
  • ABM - HTTP, HTTPs, QUIC, Facebook, Streaming Bursts Management
  • Web Optimization - Compression, Caching, software downloads
  • Video Optimization - Progressive Video, Pacing, Transcoding, Manifest Editing

The network and data are monitored in real-time, enabling just-in-time optimization to proactively eliminate radio and network overload. The solution enables operators to delay investment in additional infrastructure and PRBS. In addition, this solution is fully compliant with the principles of net neutrality.

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