Harmony™ Analytics is an advanced Business Intelligence (BI) system focusing on network, application, subscriber, and optimization behavior as well as quality of experience (QoE) measurements.

Analytics is used in conjunction with the Harmony platform, utilizing the central role it plays in the network to follow all data activities on the operator’s network closely. Based on the modern big-data database, Analytics analyzes thousands of TCP/HTTP transactions per second.

These deep insight and analysis capabilities into the traffic, including layer 7 parsing and management, gives Analytics unprecedented insight into the network, into the Harmony Optimization gains, and into actual customer QoE in the network.

Using Harmony's Layer 8 HTTP injection, Analytics is the only analytics product providing the operator actual information on their subscriber’s QoE – web page load time, video stalling events, and duration, in addition to all common network measures – RTT, bandwidth, throughput, etc.

For the first time, operators may evaluate their customer’s actual experience and their network behavior, without complicated field testing measures, in a pinpoint location.

Video start time

Analytics addresses the following:

Traffic Analysis - Traffic information on the operator’s network; transit and backhaul network operation and throughput; video, web, and TCP usage information; per cell throughput; TPS and more.

Media Analysis –Trend graphs and history for top sites and top applications; mobile OS usage and trends; device information; video format and container usage; wideo bitrate information; browser information and more.

Subscriber QoE – Actual video and web quality experience on the operator’s network; actual page download time from different locations, devices, and OS; video initialization time, number, and duration of stalling events experienced by subscribers, and more.

Optimization Analysis – A/B comparison of Harmony optimized traffic vs. non-optimized traffic; ability to monitor the acceleration and traffic savings introduced via the Harmony platform – TCP, web, and video acceleration and bytes savings.

Analytics uses an appealing and convenient user interface, with email notifications and ability to export in XLS, CSV, DOC, PPT, and PDF formats. It also provides a customizable executive dashboard and report push through email.


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