The exponential increase in mobile devices, applications and bandwidth heavy video has put a massive strain on mobile networks.  Flash Networks’ xtraAir solution’s TCP-4TE improves capacity utilization at a fraction of the cost spent on spectrum and radio access expansions by boosting cell throughput and download speeds.

xtraAir’s TCP-4TE acceleration optimizes the TCP layer by dynamically adjusting transmission rates based on real-time network conditions, enabling operators to achieve higher RAN data efficiency. Traffic running on all radio access types is accelerated including encrypted content.

The results are significant.  According to live trials, an operator in EMEA utilizing carrier aggregation increased cell throughput by 40% for a fully loaded cell after implementing xtraAir TCP-4TE.  A South Korean operator utilizing xtraAir TCP-4TE was able to download files with a  10% average savings in PRB (physical resource blocks).

xtraAir’s TCP-4TE can also help network operators achieve the fastest download speeds providing them with an important differentiator.   Five Tier1 operators around the globe won first place in network regulator speed trials after implementing xtraAir. 



The following data was captured on a live eNodeB, during the trial period carrier was collecting hourly data volume and connected users counters  when TCP 4TE was on and when it was off. As shown below, the optimized samples in green shows higher volume consumption when TCP 4TE acceleration is turned on, resulting in higher throughput and improved PRB utilization.

TCP-4TE Live Users


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